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Overriding airflow  

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I am making selections in VA-Design. One thing I noticed is tha unlike VA-Select where I can tab from box to box to fill out the required info from silencer tag all the way to the 8th band, in VA-Design I am always stopped by the CFM.

In VA-Design I have to let go of my keyboard and click on override Airflow for every silencer I am selecting.

I understand that this may have a use from a lay-in prespective; however, from a quoting prespective this waste a lot of time compared to VA-Select.

It appears tha VA-Design saves the previous action of overriding the IL by inserting the previeos IL into the newly added silecer, but for overriding the airflow it does not. Would this be something simple to fix?

Posted : 14/09/2019 3:39 pm
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Posted by: @jeff-marcelo-57gmail-com

When you're tabbing throug the user inputs, there is a "stop" on the checkbox control for airflow. You can use the space bar to set the checkbox to the Enabled state (so that you dont't have to let go of the keyboard).

The intent when doing lay-ins is that user should not have to populate airflow at all (the application will caculate the airflow and determine what it is, given the airflow and duct size). For the Products view, however, you are defining this each time. We should be able to remove the checkbox altogether for the "Products" view, and assume that it will always be user input.


Posted : 14/09/2019 3:47 pm
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Posted : 08/11/2019 5:41 pm
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