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An appealing design of CV
The primary goal of the design of your CV is optimal readability for the recruiter and a structure that brings the most important things about you to the fore.

A responsive design therefore means a clear presentation of the most important sections and content. Therefore, you should avoid a cluttered presentation and avoid squiggles, background images, tables or diagrams. Any unimportant elements clutter up the CV and distract from the essentials, i.e. what the recruiter wants to know about you, such as your work experience and skills. Here -> https://editius.com/ are a few modern minimalist templates you can use.

Chapter 2: Targeting CVs even with applicant tracking systems.
It is a common practice to write a generic CV and send it to as many companies as https://editius.com/thesis-checker/ as possible. But this usually does not lead to success because generic CVs do not attract attention.

To understand how a CV can stand out from the crowd, it is important to understand what the application process looks like on the prospective employer side.

Companies hire people to fill a very specific job with very specific requirements. The recruiter will look for the candidate in the applications who best fits those requirements. The problem is that many apply for the same job, some of them without the required experience and skills, some of them with the required skills, but the generic CV does not reflect this.

As a flood of applications often hits recruiters, companies have started to use software to make the application process easier and faster. This software is called Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and works as follows:

The application goes through a scanner that separates the text from the document.
The software breaks down the text into the most common categories: Work Experience, Education, Skills and Contact Details.
Then the ATS matches the keywords with the applicant's skills with those of the job profile.
Then the applications are sorted by https://editius.com/proofreading-dissertation/ relevance.
Only now are the applications presented to the recruiter.

So the most irrelevant applications are rejected before anyone ever gets their hands on them. The HR management will only look at the applications that the ATS has classified as relevant. The recruiter himself/herself will decide in the first few seconds whether your application fits or not by scanning the application for relevant keywords. If the unique words come up, more attention will be paid to the application. If other relevant information is added, the application will be placed on a small selected pile. This pile will be checked more closely and most of these candidates will be invited for an interview - including you, if you have done everything right.

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