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Motivation through Instagram: why stories can be useful
To many, Instagram seems like a pointless and endless time waster. What can be useful there? Observations, peeping, millionaires, causing irritation.
As soon as the smartphone became an indispensable participant in the life of each family member, time management specialists instantly grabbed their heads - a person loses about 14 hours a week, sitting in the virtual space. But the most important thing that worries parents is the likelihood that the current generation of teenagers will finally move into the virtual world, which is very different from dynamic reality, and because of this, live communication will absolutely die, which has always been the key to success in any field of activity. However, do not immediately be upset and look at this global phenomenon a little differently. Since social networks can serve as a good benefit for learning. It is useful in social networks to post useful thoughts that you can take from Bidforwriting and when you share your thoughts, you yourself will be trained in this. This is very useful in that what you share is what is deposited in your memory.
Now the social network has become a reflection of the mobility of a young person. As soon as we get to some unusual place in the city or, for example, achieve some cool result, we strive to immediately share a positive emotion with others and immediately post a photo of the above in the story.You can share what you have read in stories and in order to write it correctly, you can use help with essay, and so you can effectively not only memorize the material, but also teach others about it. So social media will serve you well.
From that moment on, for 24 hours, while the story is displayed in the feed of subscribers, the teenager has a firm idea that he needs to continue to show people that his life is full and constantly full of colors of recognition, adventure and success. But you can do the same with writing papers. When you use https://bidforwriting.com/do-my-assignment you will be able to format your thoughts beautifully and grammatically. This way other people can take something for themselves and it's very good for relationships with other people.
This is what can be an additional motivator, a reason to post a new photo, then save the accumulated material in the “relevant” section.
Initially, schoolchildren take occasions for new shots from walks and parties with friends, but then the realization comes that they need to fill their Instagram profile with new topics and therefore begin to take some action towards a specific goal, for example, to study better, win olympiads, go to museums and exhibitions.
As a result, a teenager receives peer approval from his cool excursions to educational events or from excellent studies; establishes social contacts and begins to look at this world much wider. He learns about new forms and opportunities: olympiads, lectures, festivals, etc. - and all in a few seconds with the help of those same stories on social networks.And this is good! The activity of the child noticeably increases, he has a whole range of specific goals, besides, he is in a constant field of vision in such a difficult and rebellious period as 15-18 years old.In conclusion, it is worth noting that the presented method works only if the story is made not for quantity, but as a result of a useful and informative action in the life of a boy or girl.
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