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What mistakes to avoid when writing an essay  

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Keep in mind, or better yet, print out a list of the most common mistakes so that you can check yourself right away during the assignment:

Violation of logic. "Jumping" from one thought to another, illiterate selection of arguments, inconsistency in the content of the parts of the whole among themselves violate the logic of the narrative.
Verbosity. Try to use only the most necessary words. If something can be crossed out without affecting the understanding of the meaning, feel free to cross it out.
Spelling mistakes. Most often they occur in terms of grademiners.com review. If you are preparing for the social studies exam, get a dictionary of terms.
Speech errors. Carefully use phrases, watch how words are combined with each other, avoid repetition, actively select synonyms, antonyms (what is it?) to create contrasting oppositions, do not confuse paronyms (what is it?).
Stylistic errors. Take care of the purity of written speech. Do not litter your essay with low style vocabulary.
The key to success will be the absence of factual errors. This will emphasize your erudition, cause confidence in you. In addition, you will not be deprived of an extra grade.

Posted : 31/08/2021 4:55 am
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Posted : 11/10/2021 7:27 pm
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Posted : 20/10/2021 8:15 am